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New Design

I've just replaced the look and feel of with a minimal mobile-focused design. For some time I've been considering mobile over desktop for the sites I build so I figure it was high time to make reflect that shift. If you are on a desktop browser, try resizing this page and see how the design conforms to even the tiniest of screen sizes.

I've also gotten rid of my Google advertising. The hit of having advertising that gets in the way of the reading experience didn't seem worth it to me. The theory is if you want people to read what you write, don't punish them for it!

Most of my short thoughts end up on twittier these days so I tend to update this blog less and less. I also talk a bit on 350 Third, my podcast with Scott Barstow, so the things I end up writing here will be here because they are best expressed (and searched) via text.

I hope you enjoy the less intrusive direction. Hit me up at @anders94 if you have comments.

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Jay Quiambao from Philippines


Apologies if bug you. I followed your and able to authenticate and connect. However, my browser or apps still uses my "normal" internet connection. Do you know how I would direct traffic through VPN? Please reply if you have time. Thanks!

BTW, I like the new site design. It's clean and easy on the eyes. It's very similar to TwitterBootstrap design.

Jay Q.

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