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Technology and Disruption - Get Short URLs for any Location on Earth is a new website that creates short URLs for locations. Instead of giving people addresses which can vary widely in accuracy, give them a URL that shows them unambiguously where something is.

Ever tried to find someone in a crowd? can use the location services on your mobile phone to automatically figure out where you are so your friends can find you easily. You could tweet a spot to meet for lunch or find that out-of-the-way place everyone is talking about. is an HTML5 app so it works on your iPhone, iPad, Android device and even your desktop browser. You can add it to your home screen and make it run just like any other fullscreen app.

Run a food truck business? You can update the locations behind URLs you create so your customers can find you no matter where your mobile business goes. We?re working on adding support for custom URLs too!

EyeZo URLs are permanent and extremely accurate. They are so accurate, in fact, that you could differentiate between two grains of sand sitting side by side!

Get started by tapping "Share Location" on the homepage. If you drop a pin on the map, you can move it to update it?s location. If you are using geo-location, just walk around to update your location.
Tweet about us and let others know about #EyeZo. Here are a few Twitter suggestions:

Get a short URL for any location on Earth

Show people where you are with

Found an bug? Menu -> Feedback is an #HTML5 app

Try on your iPhone or Android device - uses the geolocation API

Run into any problems? Use Menu -> Feedback to let us know. is an active work in progress. Thanks for using EyeZo!

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