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This past week, details of our republic wireless skunkworks project at were splashed somewhat prematurely across the tech press starting with an article on TechCrunch. That was quickly followed up by GigaOm adding some detail including our $19 price point. Since then, most stories have fallen into one of two buckets. The first bucket is some blend of the above sources and the second presumably was started by this Forbes story. Notably, the Forbes writer mentions a $20 price point and claims that the parent company is Thankfully, owns the domain but this is just sloppy reporting. I would assume people hearing $19 might think that means $19.99 and shorten it to $20 but that just isn't the case here either. The errors in this story, however, make it easier to see where various publications get their information and it is very interesting to track the proliferation.


PC World

Not so accurate:

VoIP Catalog

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